Tools Required To Shave Your Head

Shaving For Bald Men

If you are planning to shave your head completely because you want to try a new look or because of excess hair fall then we would completely support you because it is one of the best ideas ever. It will remove one extra problem from your life, which is taking care of your hair and you will definitely feel free.  If you are having hair fall problems then regularly shaving off your hair for some days and practicing some scalp therapy would be great for your hair re-growth and quality. Well if you are going to do it then why not do it the right way and we are going to walk you through it.Shaving For Bald Men


The Head Blade ATX All-Terrain Head razor is specially made for you o shave your head. All you need to do is roll the razor all over your head and the razor will do the work, you don’t need to be concerned about applying too much or too less pressure which can cause an uneven terrain. This company is known to produce head shavers and this probably the best razor for shaving head. It comes with an HB4 cartridge razor and you can also change it and use a Gillette Atra Plus or a Schick Ultrex blade.Shaving For Bald Men


The Mekur 34C or the 38C is definitely one safety blade that you should be looking at due to its functionality. It definitely takes time to use this blade but you will get precise results with this blade that you won’t enjoy with any automatic razor.

It was made to shave your facial hair but you can use it on your head due to the long handle. It’s single blade technology makes sure that you don’t have any ingrown hair but there will be more chances of nicks and cuts due to its edges.

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