Nose Fillers Singapore

nose fillers singapore

A lot of people wonder why someone would want to change something about the way they look with the help of medical procedures. Well, there are tons of reasons actually, some do it in order to get rid of deep rooted insecurities while some would want to change a body part that they’re conscious about and other just simply want to do it to feel good about themselves and there’s nothing wrong with that. Nose fillers Singapore are one of the more common procedures when it comes to the face since it’s non-surgical.nose fillers singapore

Renewal Aesthetics

Renewal Aesthetics is a famous clinic located at Orchard District Singapore, they specialize in varying forms of aesthetics as well as hair procedures. Lead by Dr. Tyang Yan, she has a Bachelor of Medicine and bachelor of surgery from University College London. Not only that but she has a diploma in Dermatology from the United Kingdom as well as a diploma in aesthetic medicine that she earned at American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine under her belt.Non-Surgical-Rhinoplasty-Before-After3Among the numerous procedures offered at Renewal Aesthetics, nose filler treatment is one of the more famous choices. Nose fillers and rhinoplasty are two very different procedures, the only thing that they have in common is the fact that both procedures involve the nose. Rhinoplasty involves the incredibly invasive procedure done to a person’s nose. It’s the more expensive option and will require time for recovery. Nose filler treatment however is a non-surgical nose job that makes use of derma fillers in order to enhance or slightly change the shape of a person’s nose.

The fillers will be injected to the parts of a person’s nose in order to contour, shape and balance the proportions. Nose filler treatments will not require considerable recovery time, but keep in mind that this is a temporary fix unlike rhinoplasty.

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