How to Pick the Right Kit for an At Home STD Test


If you are one of those people who are sexually active and wanted to get an STD test discreetly, you can always choose to try an at home STD test. This is the most discreet option you can get and make sure that you can get tested in the comforts of your home. Though there are a lot of STD test kits that you can choose from, finding the right one can sometimes become a great hassle. img_home

What’s the Best at Home STD Test for You

There are various types of at home STD test kits that are meant to determine if you have acquired a certain sexually transmitted disease. The various kits should be used days after any incident. Incubation period, as experts would call it, must be observed to get a more accurate result as testing too soon may not show any signs of any infection.cassette

First thing that you should consider is getting to know the possible infection that you got. If you want to get tested for HIV or Hepatitis, testing at least 10 days after exposure will help you get an accurate result. On the other hand, tests for other sexual transmitted infection should be tested from 14 to 28 days after exposure. This period is said to be enough to determine the infection and also get an appointment with a doctor to get proper medication.

The advantage of getting an STD test at home is that you can get tested discreetly. There will never be any form of human contact with other people and you can do the testing in the comforts of your home. Also, this option is more affordable and hassle free unlike going to a test center that will ask you for different requirements before getting tested. You can also choose to ask a doctor to provide prescriptions instead of getting office visits.

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