The Shoe That Is Missing From Your Wardrobe

LED Shoes

Shoes are very important part of our dressing and many times we are judged by the kind of shoes that we are wearing. Good shoes are always an important part of our wardrobes and every fashionably educated person will have attractive shoes that will make his or her mark in the social circle. Sneakers are one of the best kinds of shoes because they can be worn with anything and literally for any casual event. They are great for parties because they go very well with jeans and that’s why owning a good pair of sneakers is really important.LED Shoes


The latest trend in the world of sneakers is the sneakers with lights. These scarpe con luci or lit up shoes have LED lights in their rubber soles that light up when switched on and can be recharged by a USB charger. The older versions used to have batteries but the latest ones can be charged with the USB port present which is present inside the hem of the shoe and that is where the switch is also hidden.LED ShoesThe first light up shoes was designed by Samuel Yang and Yifang Wan who were both graduates of Central Saint Martin, which is probably the best fashion college in the world. These shoes were priced at $600 and we could see almost every celebrity with a pair two years ago but slowly after that the Chinese factories took over the production and almost every factory at Shenzhen started the production of these shoes and now the rice varies between $20 and $60, depending on the quality.

These shoes look great when you dance with them or when you hit the club on weekends. Expect to be the center of attraction at the spot and you can probably buy all kinds of designs with lights in them.

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