We can use our phones to literally do anything nowadays, even look for a partner in like. There are so many android dating app that help you to connect to people who are available and want to date just like you. You can use the app to check out profiles and decide whether you are interested in the person or not just while sitting on your couch and that is why we have decided t make a list of best dating apps for your android. images_q=tbn_ANd9GcRBJIVqc8DwIKAJCcvT0p_5HC9dslcTZC8Cr55bq_-RhhQP_IQxLg


Bumble is pretty similar to tinder as it was created by one of its previous employs. This app almost has the similar interface of that of tinder but once two people have right swiped on each other’s accounts, it requires the woman to text first. The match lasts for a day but the guy can extend the match, hoping for a reply. In the case of same sex matches, then either person can text first.free-dating-app-and-flirt-chat


Tastebuds has a great concept as it helps you to choose people according to their taste in music. You don’t need a Facebook account for this app or you don’t need to fill in long detailed answers in this app. You can scroll through profiles while listening to their favorite songs, which is a great touch. You can also send a text before or after a match is made and you can also text a person your favorite song.


Hinge is almost like Tinder but depends on Facebook to make connections for as you will find that it links your friends, your friends’ f friend account to your account. You can also only display pictures from social networking websites which does away with scam accounts and you also text a person only after you have matched. If you want to find out anything about a person then you can just ask your friend about them.