When we talk about swing trading, then it is talking about a fundamental trading in which positions can be held for more than a day. This is due to the fact that, most of those who are considered to be fundamentalists, are swing traders as the corporate fundamentals, in general, requires some days or even weeks in order to have an impact on price movements which gives out a great profit. When doing this type of trading, it is important to have a stock alert app so that you can be updated every other minute.alerts-email-mac-mailme

Types of Equity Trading

Apart from swing trading, there are other various styles of equity trading which include:

  • Momentum trading whereby the traders search out for moving stocks in the same way significantly on high volumes and the traders normally jumps on board in order to get a ride on the momentum train to gain maximum profit.
  • Scalping where the scalper trader makes dozens of daily trades by trying to get a small profit from an individual trade through utilizing the bid-ask
  • Fundamental style where the fundamentalist does trade with companies which rely on fundamental analysis that scrutinizes corporate events including anticipated or actual earning reports, acquisitions, stock splits, or reorganization
  • Technical style where the technical traders get carried away with graphs and charts watching lines on the index or stock graphs to get a glimpse of divergence or convergence which might indicate sell or buy signal.

How To Know The Right Market

Swing trading proves to be a different challenge in either raging bull market or bear market environment than in a market which is in between the extremes of the two scenarios. When there is extreme, even those active stocks will not exhibit the same down and up oscillations.

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