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Malaysia is a hotspot for tourists and every year people from different parts of the world head to Malaysia for an enjoyable vacation that they will cherish for the rest of their life. When you visit this country there are a number of things that you can do here because of the large number of tourists that visit Malaysia.   DSCN0001

The major cities have also become commercialized and it does not offer you a true Malaysian experience that you would be craving when you visit this country. If you are keen on experiencing the true Malaysian culture then you should plan to visit some of the smaller cities here. You can always try to get a ferry ride to Tioman mainly because this is one of the most beautiful and natural cities that offer you something unique and different as compared to the other cities in Malaysia. images_q=tbn_ANd9GcRJDt1QndAZXZtoCo8Qm2vR6YSIV8HNONiN0b1qETCQDwyI17_3fg

Although Tioman is a small city the nightlife here is amazing and you will continue to enjoy your vacation because there are a number of things that you can do in this small beautiful city. There are various ways to get to Tioman but one of the best ways to get here is to take the boat ride from Mersing. You can choose to travel by ferry Mersing to Tioman which is a two hour boat ride that you will enjoy with your family. If you have children this is something that will excite them and they will look forward to this ferry ride and this is why it is essential that you plan it in the best possible manner. Always try and book your ferry tickets online because this will help you to save on time and it will also help you save money.


Malaysia is beautiful and this is one of the most popular countries and this is why tourists from different parts of the world come here to spend a vacation with their loved ones. If you’re keen on visiting Malaysia then it is always advisable to plan a rather unique and different vacation as compared to places that tourists usually visit and this means visiting a smaller city so you can learn more about the true culture and tradition of Malaysia instead of visiting cities that have become commercial due to the number of tourists that visit it.   malacca-bus-getting

Although there are various cities that you can visit, one of the best things to do is to look for cities that are close to Kuala Lumpur mainly because Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia that is well connected to different parts of the world and if you choose a city that is close to Kuala Lumpur it becomes extremely easy for you to visit the city. One such popular city that you can try visiting is Melaka. transtar_solitaire_seats

This city is a two and a half hour bus journey away from Kuala Lumpur and there are a number of things that you can explore here. Although it is still not very popular with tourists it is rich with Malaysian tradition and culture all through the city and it will help you learn a lot about Malaysia in its truest forms.

While you can choose to visit Melaka for a day you can also choose to stay here overnight. Since the frequency of the buses is high you will always manage to get a bus from melaka to kl no matter when you decide to head back to the city. When you’re in Melaka make sure you check out some of the beautiful churches and historical places that this city has.

One of the more popular routes is the route from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka (also known as Malacca) by bus. It is one of the most popular modes of transport preferred by locals and it is convenient and affordable. If you choose to visit Melaka Travel by bus to Melaka, consider a bus trip for the following reasons.Travel by bus to Melaka

  1. Booking by bus is easy – You have an option of booking a ticket to Melaka at one of the following main bus terminals; Terminal Bersepadu, Pudu Raya or Pudu Sentral. If you would like to book your bus ticket online, visit the bus ticket website. Select your trip (one way or return) and choose arrival city as Malacca. Choose the number of passengers, the date of travel and click on search. A list of all your searches will come up and you can choose your preferred trip. Select your preferred bus company and select your preferred seat. Keep in mind not all bus operators allow you to reserve a seat online. Once done, enter your full name, identification details of the passengers and choose the type of ticket e.g. adult or child then enter your payment details. Once the payment is processed, you can print out the confirmation page and carry it with you on your trip.
  2. Variety of bus options – There are several bus option companies such as Transnasional, Delima, Nice executive coach, Konsortium, Jebat experess and Maju Express.
  3. Regular schedules – The top bus companies have a regular and consistent schedule with at least a 30 minute interval between buses.
  4. Timing and fares – You can travel to Melaka everyday between 7am to 11pm. A one way ticket will cost between RM 12 – 14. The journey takes about 2 hours but this is dependent on the condition of traffic and any incidents which may occur on the road. There are few incidents where the buses may breakdown or have trouble, yet like with any other vehicle, this cannot also be overlooked.Travel by bus to Melaka


Traveling by bus is a great way to see the sights and sounds of Melaka.

Bus to Hatyai

With the transformation of most world cities in to 24 hour business hotspots, the transport sector has also made it possible for passengers to travel during the day and night. South Thailand is a bud of connections by rail air and buses. Hat Yai is especially well endowed with buses plying different routes that link Hat Yai to the rest of the south of Thailand and outside Thailand. For example, a bus will cost about nineteen USD to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai in the festive season as seen on to HatyaiIt’s an eight hour trip which can be taken at night or during the day depending on personal schedule or preference.

Staying Safe and Comfortable

Travelling at night is more risky than travelling during the day. In vibrant cities, crime is prevalent. Before you book a certain bus, you may want to find out what kind of seats there are. Ask yourself whether you’d be comfortable on them when sleep kicks in. A cheap bus will only have seats suitable for sitting in. Paying a little more may save you a sleepless and restless night.

While you’re booking, choose to sit next to a person you’re more likely to be comfortable around. You cannot guarantee things like personality and mannerisms but you can choose a particular age and gender. You can choose to sit in the front, the centre or at the back. Choices regarding whether you’re close to the passageway or the window depend on how you want to sleep. The passage way gives more legroom while the window offers support for your pillow.Bus to Hatyai


Most first class buses will offer CCTV camera security surveillance. A little research on how safe the routes the bus takes will help you opt for another bus or feel at ease about your safety.


Are you looking for a perfect adventure in your life? Well, the sport of kayaking is growing really popular among younger generation. South Texas is known for its special kayaking arenas, which sounds perfect for people who a huge fan of kayaking. One can easily get his favorable conditions, if he loves going for kayaking with his friends. If you will go kayaking with an expert South Texas kayak guide, you will know all the secret tips which can get you catch enough fish for the day, enabling you to make your kayaking experience memorable.southtexaskayak

How to make your kayaking experience memorable?

There are certain points which one should keep in mind, which can make his whole experience of kayaking memorable. Let us explore some of the points, related to the same as follows,

  • With a perfect fishingguide in the region of South Texas, you can easily enjoy the thrilling experience of kayaking with your friends or family. The guide will offer you someof the most relevant and important details about the sport which can easily get you through the thrilling experience of the sport.
  • Always gather enough information about the place and the popular sports of the regions, before to decide to pay a visit to the place. Reading several reviews on the internet will help you guide about the different highlight of the [popular things of the place. If you are planning a trip to South Texas, for the sport of kayaking, don’t forget to check the different reviews on the internet. Also, make a list of all the expert guides, which can train you perfectly for the sports of kayaking.
  • Follow all the precautions and safety measures, which can help you get into any sort of trouble.

southtexaskayakIt doesn’t matter whether you are a pro or beginner in the sport of kayaking, one should following all the safety measure, before going for enjoying the sport.  The love of kayaking is quite evident among the people of South Texas, as the beautiful sunny weather of the place, fosters the sport of kayaking.

So, if you are a huge kayaking lover, and want a perfect weather for the same, then you should definitely visit the popular regions of South Texas, as it offers the best of the sport. Don’t forget to book a perfect kayaking guide, which can make your whole experience memorable.


If you’re going on a long holiday it wouldn’t be right to focus the entire vacation on just one destination, especially if you’re headed to Tallinn. Estonia is full of unique tourist attractions. Stop over one of these locations on the reittimatka tallinnaan. grupipilt-meist-suur1

  • The tourist gems in the area are the festivals and the water. In August, streets of Haapsaalu are thronged by people attending either the August Blues or the Airport Jam festivals. Both are filled with beautiful musical notes and culture.statue-of-kissing-students-in-tartu-by-tiit-motus-estonian-tourism-board_848-main
  • Kihnu Of all the over 1500 islands in Estonia, only Kihnu affords a difference that cannot be ignored. It is practically run by women who walk around or ride bicycles in their traditional wear.  If you’re lucky enough to be there during one of the traditional weddings, you’ll have a three day treat of some of the culture so deep it earned the island recognition from UNESCO.
  • Narva This is mainly a political symbol or a symbol representing political history. The town still possesses soviet architecture. The structures towering over the river traversing the city represent the border between Estonia and its former rulers. (Russia)
  • Helsinki Estonia is so obsessed with architecture they have a church built inside a rock in Helsinki. The mode of transport is ferries. There will be several trips each day so you should visit Helsinki if you’re going to go to Tallinn.
  • Lahemaa National Park. The most interesting feature about the park other than breath taking nature is the hiking trails on the bogs. There’s fishing too and old manors scattered on the park.


Although Tallinn is a tourist hotspot and most visited in Estonia, it doesn’t hold all of Estonia’s attractiveness. There’s so much more to see to last you scores of vacations.

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