CDX plywood ½ inch is not the size that is available in this wood. You can find it in multiple sizes and thickness level. It is best to use as flooring. There are various ways you can use this wood for creating floors. Let’s have a look at some ideas:


Paper Bagging

It is the type of finish in which irregular pieces of brown Kraft paper is applied to the plywood for creating a marble-like look. If you have old and torn-out carpet and you are wondering what to do with the subfloor, the paper bagging idea would be a great renovation. The gaps between the plywood panels can be filled with drywall.

Planks and Squares

Buying hardwood planks can get really expensive. But don’t worry, you can still create the look by cutting plywood sheets into squares and planks and glue or nail the pieces on the floor. Make sure you use waterproof glue for this purpose. Nailing would be a good idea for securing the wood well.

Painted Plywood

If you are wishing to create something unique and classic for the flooring, plywood can still be your companion. For example, you can create a checkerboard pattern, circles, and stripes and even bricks by painting your plywood flooring. Any type of paint can set on the wood. After you are done with painting the surface, it is recommended to apply a coat of premier. It won’t just ensure that the paint adheres to the surface, it also ensures that you don’t lose any chips of the plywood.

So, if you are planning to change the flooring of your home or even office space, and you don’t want the renovation to get expensive, then this plywood flooring would be the best option. You can come up with more innovative ideas to renovate the floors using plywood.