Handpans, which are also called as hang, is a musical instrument that functions and looks like a drum. It is played through the use of the hands while tuning it with different notes. Handpans are also following the usual musical themes, such as having its own natural minor, major, hijaz, harmonic minor, and mixolydian.Hang-Musik-Instrument-01It is because of these features that makes handpans or hang drums as a very interesting musical instrument. Never before has a single musical instrument have a very in-depth sound layer, the same as with these handpans. It is with this which makes these handpans very alluring, but at the same time mysterious, because not all people can play music with these.

Different Kind of Music

What makes a handpan really cool is that it is capable of creating multiple sound layers that is made more interesting with the ethereal effects that it emits. These also sound better when played together with other drone instruments. The hand pan is also called as a hang drum by some, and it was invented just in 2001 by a startup company located in Switzerland.maxresdefault (1)


The only disadvantage that these handpans have is that they are very rare. There are only less than a hundreds handpans in the whole world, making it very difficult to find this at regular music shops. However, one of the most usual questions that are asked about these musical instruments is that why they are more popularly called as handpans, instead of hang drums.

This is due to its marketing strategy, wherein calling it as handpans makes it sound more modern and more interesting to the possible buyer of the instrument. To sum it all up, if you want to play music in a different way, you can always try your best to find a handpan or a hang drum. You can purchase one here: http://www.hangdrumforsale.com/