We’re sure that this is not the first Nutrisystem vs. Medifast comparison article that you’ve come across. It’s not surprise that they’re constantly compared since they have an awful lot of similarities and a good number of users have vouched for both of them; everything comes down to the user and what works best for their body. On one hand, you have Medifast that concentrates on a low calories program. On the other, we have Nutrisystem that’s better in helping you gradually develop healthy habits which include eating fresh food.

How Both of them Work



Users can choose five meals a day under Medifast; you can choose from a variety of soups, pretzels, scrambled eggs and brownies. Take note that up to three of these Medifast meals can be a form of Medifast Health Management Shakes like those for Coronary Health, Woman’s Health and Joint Health. You can expect the same meal variety from Nutrisystem’s menu; there are around 150 meals and snacks that you can choose on each and every order. pizza-nutrisystem-650x325For those that don’t actually want to spend time picking out meals during every order then they can choose the default menu system that Nutrisystem offers once you’ve officially signed up under their program.