Burrito? No, Boruto! If you just asked that question then you have obviously been living under a rock. Allow me a few minutes to pull you out from under the heavy boulder. images_q=tbn_ANd9GcT4Vf7BZPsG1X-A9UoT2OLRAXuBKMaOvAZtBug8lqHnETJSDyFwOQ

Boruto is a cartoon of Japanese origin which tells diverse tales all linked together to build an epic story line filled with twists and cuts across all genre, it is extremely hilarious, full of teeth chattering suspense, filled with action, romance, and if you are a horror fan, this series should give you the dosage of spook you require to function. The Boruto series is sequel to Naruto series which took us through the life of a child Called Naruto, born in a ninja clan and orphaned from birth but lived and grew to find his path and place in the  world, making new friends and enemies in a bid to unite the numerous kingdoms  and ninja clans. This series is action packed and comes with depth, philosophy that expands the mind and reveals the complexities of human intension. This also gives insight on the true strength of man and secret to true freedom and happiness. All these details are hidden between its storyline. It started out as a manga (Japanese comics) and made its way into an animated series, and now a global phenomenon.001_boruto-naruto-the-movie

Boruto comes in as a continuation to the rounding off of the Naruto series. This is owed to the high demand and the need to give people something in replacement of the pent up energy, excitement and expectations. Both the Naruto and Boruto series are huge successes and have achieved a ridiculously humongous fan base and followers that religiously log on to watch Boruto episodes online as its stories are truly captivating and addictive. I look forward to this cartoon series actually becoming a Hollywood blockbuster someday.