RSPS is classified among the most popular multiplayer online role-playing games ever developed.RSPS is a 200 million player strong game. You will definitely understand the massiveness a game if you learnt that it has made to the Guinness book of world records as the most updated game, largest free massive multiplayer online role playing game.

With this earned fame the developers keep updating versions frequently so as to keep up with the title. Turns out the carelessly developed versions became a total bore to the players. You probably would opt for an alternative that would be more intriguing hence the dawn of RSPS: A runescape server that was created by different private servers.


Unlike the original version of runescape, RSPS servers come with no limitations at all, a level that you could initially each after a whole year of struggle can now be reached within a week’s time. Doesn’t this make a game worth playing? Well, in your medieval virtual world you will be able to engage in battles, learn various overt skills and take part in complete the quests in each episode.

Don’t forget to obtain your RSPS name. This enables you tailor your account to your preference making your role very unique from the others and more personal. If you are an active player who bills for this game you will enjoy the privilege of changing your name after every 28 days. Ensure you settle for the best name that will suit your role in the massive multiplayer online role playing game.


RSPS has over the years come in handy for the freaks of this massive multiplayer online role playing game. Player are forever thankful to the private developer for bringing back to life a once boring game. With the developed private server players can now fully enjoy the Runescape game