We live an era where we don’t meet strangers at the restaurants or streets or any social events, but online. It’s not at all uncanny to hear that people meet online or they met online and got married later. We can without any doubt say that it’s an online period. There are certain apps which are based on the same impression. Talking about these the most famous among them is Kik Messenger.


Kik Messenger is a free messaging app which is available on different platforms such as Android, Blackberry phones, Windows and iPhone.  Kik Messenger is developed and released by the Canadian company called kik interactive. Kik messenger makes use of wiki or mobile phone data receive and transmit photos, messages, mobile web pages, videos, sketches and much other content after the completion of the registration process with a user name. Kik is well known for keeping its user’s privacy features such as we can use these without providing our phone number and averting the user without asking any details all you need is register with the username. The KIK messenger is user-friendly and easy to monitor. Kik online is used to check for the people who are online in your group or your friend list.

You can explore a lot of new things like adding a certain number of friends to the specific group or make a list of people around you. You can also remove your username from the main site so that you won’t get any unwanted messages from strangers. Some people are wondering whether this platform is safe for kids. Well, we must tell you that it totally depends on the activities which kids are doing on in. So it’s better to avoid KIK for Kids. Furthermore, you can enjoy a lot of new things on this platform so get Kik Messenger for your Android or iPhone now.